Rocky, The Burnt Boxer

January 17, 2013 this morning....

Rocky was taken out side for a short potty break. He has an intolerance to the cold since he is missing his fur. 

♥ Ways To Help, Rocky:

1. You can give online by going here:

2. If the Chipin site is having issues, you can click the orange FundRazr link at the top of the page or go to the FundRazr link directly:

3. You can call the clinic at (281) 448-3256, tell them you want give to help Rocky the Boxer/File#10705.

4. Or you can mail a check payable to Aldine Animal Hospital, 440 Aldine Bender Road, Houston, TX 77060. Please write on the check that it is for Rocky the Boxer, File #10705. Thank you to all that have given so far...makes a world of difference in the potential for my future. ♥